Through Ahana's eyes

My first swimming lesson


Let's Explore

Today was my first swimming lesson, and i was so excited because i would get to go into the water and play. My mum said swimming is very important so that i can be safe in the water. When i first went into the pool, there was so much water, and everything was really wet. I just wanted to jump into the pool and start playing with my sister, but my mum said i had to wear my goggles and swim cap, so that my hair doesn't get wet and so i don't get sick.

Whats in my swim bag:


These are goggles, my mum gave them to me and my sister when we were about to get into the pool. They look a little like the glasses my dad wears, but he can’t go underwater with his glasses. I was scared to go into the water for the first time, because I didn’t want my eyes to hurt. When I go into the bathtub, and open my eyes under the water they hurt, but at the pool, when I did the same thing, they didn’t hurt. I have black goggles and they look really cool. I keep them in my swim bag so they don’t get lost.


Swim Cap

I need to wear this swim cap so that my hair doesn’t get wet when I am in the water, my mum got me one with my favourite character on it, George pig from Peppa pig. It looks so cool and its BLUE like the colour of the water. I love it, but it actually hurt when I put it on my head, because It was really small but it was stretchy. So, my mum pulled the cap over all of my hair and put it on my head. It hurt for a while but when I went into the water, it was alright

swim cap

Swim Toys

After my swimming lesson, I went and played in the water with my sister until my mum said it was time to go home. My mum gave me these toys to play with, they look like fishies and rockets together, when we threw them, they went really far and then we had to go underwater to find it again. It was really fun, but it was also a bit scary. Because I accidently threw it into the deep end, and when I looked down it was so blue, and I couldn’t see the tiles. I was scared, so my sister went and got the toys for me and we played with them again.

swim toys

Swim Bag

When I went to my swim class, everybody got these cool bags, and I put all of my things in it. Like my goggles, my kickboard, swim toys, towel, and some snacks if I got hungry. I can wear it on my back wherever I go and put stuff in it. It even has the name of the place that I have my lessons, its so cool.


Swim board

In my swimming lesson, I used this to keep me above the water, because every time I didn’t, I would go under the water and get water in my nose. When water goes in my nose, it really hurts and makes my nose stuffy. I got a blue board, and my sister also used this board when she goes to her swimming class. She goes to her class before me, so until then I just play in the water with my mum and then go to my class.



After my swimming lesson, I got really hungry and, in my bag, I had some fruits, my favourite fruit is the banana, its so yummy. My mum told me that when you eat bananas you get a lot of energy really fast. That means I can go and play in the pool really quickly. but my swim teacher told me that I had to wait for 30 minutes after I ate my banana, to go into the pool, or else my tummy would hurt. I don’t want my tummy to hurt, because if it hurts, I won’t be able to go and play in the water.


My Towel

I packed a towel in my bag, so that I can wear it after I get out of the water and have a shower. After my swimming class finished, I got out of the water to go to my mum to eat some snacks because I was hungry and as soon as I got out of the water, I was freezing cold, because the windows were open, and all the air was coming on me. My mom packed me a towel that was so big and I wrapped it around me, and I was really really warm



These look like duck feet, when I went to the pond with my family, there were ducks swimming there and their feet looked just like these flippers. They look really cool, and some kids in the pool were wearing them. When they were swimming, they went so fast, I wasn’t allowed to wear them, because my teacher said, they are for older kids, so when I grow a bigger, I can wear these and swim really fast.



When I went into the swim centre with my mum and sister, I saw these people who were wearing bright red and yellow clothes. My mum told me they are lifeguards, they save people and help people when they get hurt. Some of them were wearing these bright green things, that made a sound when they blew into them. It reminded me of the candy that I always eat, they’re called whistle pops, and they are red and make a sound when you blow into them. It was like that but much louder.